Services & Technology

Musicomm offers pre and post scoring services for film & television productions.

These services entail the development of original music by composer Mark Holden,
along with a team of production specialists inclusive of sound designers, instrumentalists,
vocalists, copyists, audio and computer engineers, music editors and contractors along
with associate composers, lyricists, arrangers and orchestrators.

While the role of technology is crucial in today's music productions, it is still the MUSIC-- born
of inspiration and hard work-- that is of paramount importance. Every production accepted by
Musicomm receives meticulous analysis, positioning and creative scrutiny.

It's all about YOUR production for film & television.Your deadlines, your budget and your vision.
We endeavor to realize those visions-- those dreams-- by combining them with our own.

That collaboration of heart, intelligence and courage is what we seek.
Musicomm IS about Music Comminications Solutions.

What may we create for your production?

Computers Software

Macintosh G3's, G3 PowerBook and Power PC 9600.
AppleVision and Sony monitors.CD ROM readers & burners,
Zip, Jaz, Magneto Optical and SyQuest removable media.
30 gigabytes hard drive space.
Digital Performer, ProTools, UniSyn, Galaxy Plus Editors, Waves Plug-ins, MasterTune VST,
Finale, Sibelius VMP, DINR Signal Processing, Sound Designer II, Alchemy, ReCycle, Time Bandit,
MasterList CD, Toast, Cue, SampleSearch, EOS Browser, SongTracker Pro, QuickTime 4, Filemaker Pro,
Adobe Premiere, GoLive, Acrobat, Fetch and Eye On The Clock. Multiple MidiTimePiece synchronization.

Instrumentation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Audio Electronics

Multiple E4X Turbos, multiple EIIIxp's, multiple SampleCell's, Emax II, Trinity Plus,
Wavestation, JX-10, UltraProteus, D-50, D-550, Roland 2080, M1R EX, DM5 plus
the totality of the Hollywood talent pool of musicians, singers and character voices.
Multiple Lexicon (w/MMC Controller), Alesis, Korg, Art and BBE.Yamaha power.
PL Plus tech-power conditioning.Tascam 32 input automated console. DA-30 &
DA-30 II DAT recorders, multiple DA-88 digital multitrack recorders.